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Curated art, jewelry and a selection of home goods. Please read all of the descriptions when buying as some items are one of a kind and ready to ship and others are made to order and may take about 2-6 weeks to deliver.

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Memento Mori: A Calavera Series

The skull or "calavera" symbolizes many different things like equality between human beings, what remains on earth once we leave this world to another level, wisdom, and simplicity. I think the skeleton is a wonderful thing that our body creates itself as the oyster creates a pearl and its mother of pearl shell. It contains our history and holds our secrets of our path on earth. In Victorian times it's a memory of our loved ones already absent from this plane. What does the skull mean to you? - Monique

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The Watermelon Edit

Ten Rings made with ultra high quality tourmaline slices sourced and carefully hand-picked from a Tucson trip. Three of them are set in 14k solid gold with silver  base and beaded ring. The rest are made entirely out of sterling silver and later given a 24k gold plating. Please read carefully the details of materials and size so you know what you are getting. I recommend buying a stackable in your true size to wear on top of your tourmaline ring because the beaded pattern of the ring. One slice is left without setting so you can order in custom size.

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